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Men’s Health asked 1,000-plus men how they feel on the job. The great news? Most of us like our jobs fine. The not-great news: That’s not good enough.

  • 72% feel that their job is pretty much okay. Our days at the office seem more positive than negative,or at least fairly neutral. That’s a far cry from being great. When’s the last time you settled for doing things “just okay,” anyway?
  • 42% feel they’re recognized when crushing it at their job. In fact, more men find that doing good work just leads to either more work or total crickets.
  • 71% believe discussing mental health at work should be okay. But when stressed out, most men say their first impulse is to hide it. Less than half have ever taken a mental-health day.
  • One in five surveyed loves their job. It appears four in five of us have just settled. Around three quarters of men say they currently work to live, not live to work.
  • 45% feel they have the power to change the things they don’t like. Some stress is natural if you’re being challenged and growing. If you feel stressed and unheard? Time to switch things up.

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