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Manning Bros Monday Night Simulcast a Hit

One of the biggest stories this offseason was when news broke that Peyton and Eli Manning would be cohosting a Monday Night Football simulcast. Well, the show debuted and it was hilarious. The two brothers would banter back and forth during the Ravens-Raiders game—and boy they did not disappoint.

The Manning brothers are always good for a laugh and the new Monday night addition would give us plenty of those. Ravens great Ray Lewis even joined the show and Peyton wasted no time calling out little brother Eli’s abysmal outing against him and Baltimore during his rookie year. Eli would post a passer rating of 0.0 in the game and when they threw the stat up on the screen, Peyton would shout: “The same GPA Belushi had in ‘Animal House.’” Ouch!

But little brothers are used to giving as good as they get. When Peyton squeezed himself into a Ravens helmet to act out a play from the game—Eli would get him back. After Peyton yelled, “This helmet doesn’t fit!” his brother would shout: “They didn’t have a XXL helmet for that forehead!” Zing! The Raiders would eventually win the game in overtime but—the real winners were all of us who got to watch these two chop it up. I don’t even think they need to limit themselves to football. I’d tune in to see the brothers comment on a dog show. They’re seriously that good!

Source: Larry Brown Sports

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