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Fitzpatrick Placed on Injured Reserve After Dislocating Hip

The Washington Football Team suffered a couple of losses in their season opener. In addition to their 20-16 loss to the Chargers—the team would lose starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick after he suffered what’s called a hip subluxation.

In layman’s terms, Fitzpatrick’s femur is dislocated from his hip socket. It happened when Chargers pass rusher Uchenna Nwosu drove the 38-year-old hard into the turf. The team has now placed him on injured reserve and, he could be out at least three weeks. Now, Washington backup Taylor Heinicke would come on and play better than Fitzy—going 11-15 for 122 yards passing. But, though Heinicke played big in last year’s playoffs, he isn’t really lighting it up like some of the league’s marquee talents.

While coach Ron Rivera said he has no plans to add a QB to the roster, one can’t help but point out the obvious. Rivera’s old QB Cam Newton is currently out of a job and he’s very much looking for a new one. I wouldn’t be surprised if Newton’s already texted Rivera “U up?’ But if that connection isn’t enough to sway Rivera, Washington’s old starter Robert Griffin III is also availableGriffin would try to throw his hat in the ring too with a rather bold tweet after the news broke. Now, I know we’re a far cry from 2012 but look, you can do far worse than Cam or RG3 on one leg. Hell, one leg may be all they need to help Washington win the NFC East!

Source: Larry Brown Sports

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