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Manning Bros to Host Alternate Monday Night Football Broadcast

Okay, anyone with a set of eyeballs and half a brain could’ve told you it wasn’t a matter of IF but, when Peyton Manning was gonna land a broadcasting gig. Dude’s just got the gift for gab—and you know when it comes to football, he knows what he’s talking about.

Well, Peyton’s awesome potential is being realized as ESPN2 has tapped him for its new Monday Night Football MegCast. For 10 games over the next three seasons, Manning and a host of current and former NFL players and celebrities will take part in the new show—creating exciting content to help buoy the Monday Night franchise.

Oh, kinda forgot to mention, Eli Manning will also be joining his brother for the broadcast. I mean, hey, he seems to do everything big brother does anyway… No. 1 Draft Pick? Check. Two-time Super Bowl Winner? Check. Hilarious and charismatic television personality? Uh, well… hmm… let’s uh… yeah, let’s wait and see if the younger Manning can pull that one off too.

“This partnership with ESPN and The Walt Disney Company reflects an ongoing, shared commitment to offering fans fun, innovative content,” Peyton Manning said in a statement. “ESPN+ has been a terrific partner for Omaha Productions [Manning’s production company] as we built out The Places franchise and we’re excited to co-create a new MegaCast format that will have something for everyone.”

Source: ESPN

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