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Sports ROCK for 11.19.20

Drew Brees Out At Least Two Weeks After Second Opinion

When God created Eve, he is said to have done it by taking a rib out of Adam.

Well let me tell you, that Adam dude has nothing on Drew Brees who was basically playing football this past Sunday down five good ribs.

Well he got a second opinion on those injuries yesterday and—as you can imagine—much like the star of that Bible story—this Sunday will be another day of rest for Brees.

Probably more.

This after additional testing resulted in no change in Brees’ status and that he will miss at least two weeks with his broken ribs and punctured lung.

Whether Brees will go on injured reserve, which would require him to miss at least three weeks, is unknown.

Saints coach Sean Payton has declined to say whether Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill will start in Brees’ place. NFL insider Ian Rapoport reports that Winston will play “a lot” and that Hill will be “sprinkled in.”

Unless Winston got a lot better over the past few months—they are going to need extra sprinkles.

Source: NBC Sports

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