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Sports ROCK for 11.17.20

Antonio Brown Wrecked Camera Before Joining Bucs

After catching 7 balls for 69 yards in the Bucs 46-23 win on Sunday many would argue Antonio Brown is back.

Yeah well it turns out someone could have argued he was back before then—a prosecutor.

Because Brown was apparently back to his other old trick last month when he was accused by the community in which he lives of destroying a security camera and—just to put his signature on it—assault—he allegedly also threw a bicycle at a security guard on October 15th.

But there will be no arguments in court because—while the Hollywood (Florida) Police decided they had probable cause to charge Brown with criminal mischief, a misdemeanor, but the president of the Hollywood Oaks homeowners association declined to press charges—because the president told police that while she didn’t fear Brown—she did fear he “may retaliate against her employees.”

In any case, AB agreed to fix the camera and Brown’s spokeswoman says any issues between the homeowners association and Brown “have been fully and amicably resolved, and everyone is getting along just fine.”

Brown has 10 receptions for 100 yards in the two games he has played for the Bucs this season while currently serving two years of probation for previous incidents that—thank goodness—weren’t caught on camera.

Source: ESPN

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