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Sports ROCK for 11.11.20

NFL Approves Contingency Plan For 16-Team Postseason

NFL owners unanimously approved a plan yesterday to expand the postseason to 16 teams in the rare case that a COVID-19 outbreak forces the regular season to be shortened.

I say rare because while the main stream media loves to scare you with the word surge and spike in infections—the simple fact of the matter is that they can’t scare up any long term illnesses or deaths stemming from this in the league—thank goodness.

But just in case, Commissioner Roger Goodell confirms that every owner is in agreement on the plan that will include eight teams in each conference making the postseason in the event that not all 32 teams can play all 16 games.

The owners decided not to re-seed the teams once they qualify for the postseason, which had been an aspect of the proposal.

Despite the possibility of having to use the contingency plan, Goodell stressed that the NFL believes it can do a thorough job of contact tracing and isolating people who have tested positive or had high risk contacts, and that will, the league hopes, be sufficient to prevent an outbreak that causes games to be canceled.

Source: NBC Sports

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