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Sports ROCK for 02.23.21

Optimism Grows For Full NFL Stadiums In 2021

You know how I keep insisting—along with so many others—that the NFL handled the COVID-19 crisis better than any other sports league in the country not missing a beat from April’s NFL Draft to Super Bowl 55 this past February?

Yeah, well it looks like Commissioner Roger Goodell is looking to top that in 2021.

And he’s doing it the same way he did in 2020—by staying ahead of it and letting people know exactly what he intends—not hopes to do next season.

And that would be pack out NFL stadiums in 2021.

Okay maybe he didn’t flat out say that but what the NFL did say over the weekend was that salary-cap calculations are proceeding under the assumption that the league will have 75-percent attendance in 2021.

And the best run product in the world didn’t get there by messing around when it comes to money.

Again, much could change between now and Memorial Day and much will then change between Memorial Day and Labor Day. As the one-year anniversary of our upside-down reality approaches, it’s entirely possible that, within six months, many things could be almost normal.

But—much like the rest of the world—I would bet on the NFL.

Gotta love Goodell, he lets you know what is coming months in advance and makes it happen. The MLB could learn a thing or thirty from him.

Source: NBC Sports

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