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Sports ROCK for 02.15.21

Chris Doyle Resigns From Jaguars After Criticism Of His Hiring

Chris Doyle’s tenure as the Jacksonville Jaguars’ strength coach lasted as long as Bill Belichick’s reign as New York Jets head coach.

One day.

This after Doyle resigned on Friday from the Jags’ Director of Sports Performance Urban Meyer hired him to on Thursday.

Meyer released a statement about the resignation and said that Doyle “did not want to be a distraction.” Meyer also said in his statement that they should have given more consideration to how Doyle’s hiring might have “affected all involved.”

Regardless of how good of a strength coach Doyle may be, Meyer’s decision to hire him was questionable from the start.

The spotlight is already shining brightly on Meyer over how he will adjust to the NFL from college. People have already targeted him regarding racial issues. Plus, his tenure at Ohio State ended over his handling of a coach on his staff who faced accusations of domestic violence. Despite all of that, one of his first moves was to try to redeem a coach who was ousted from Iowa over racism allegations.

Source: Larry Brown Sports

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