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Man To Man for 06.02.21

Netflix Top Ten Most Watched Original Movies Thus Far

In just under two weeks, Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” has made its way into the top ten original films to be produced by Netflix. With the newest numbers, here’s now the Netflix top ten breaks down:

  • “Extraction” – 99-million views
  • “Bird Box” – 89-million views
  • “Spenser Confidential” – 85-million views
  • “6 Underground” – 83-million views
  • “Murder Mystery” – 83-million views
  • “The Old Guard” – 78-million views
  • “Enola Holmes” – 76-million views
  • “Project Power” – 75-million views
  • “The Midnight Sky”/ “Army of the Dead” (tied) – 72-million views

Source: Deadline

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