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It’s A Weird World After All for 06.01.21

Minnesota 'Neighbor From Hell' Faces Stalking Charges

  • Lori Christensen of White Bear Township, Minnesota, has been charged with two counts of stalking after allegedly harassing her neighbors repeatedly.
  • The unnamed couple claims the trouble began in 2016; they say Christensen began videotaping them, set up a mannequin to make it seem someone was looking into their backyard, and allegedly severed the couple’s television cable.
  • The latest problems came about when the couple put their home up for sale last month; they allege Christensen has been harassing potential buyers and real estate agents, supposedly telling some of them that the couple was drug abusers.
  • If she’s convicted on the new charges, it would be her third violation in the last ten years.
  • Source: Fox News
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