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It’s A Weird World After All for 04.20.21

Man Films Row Of UFOs Entering Sky To Invade Rural China, New Telescope May Help Us Find Alien Civilizations By 2026

  • Around 3 a.m last Wednesday, a man near the city of Fujin, China filmed a bright light dropping slowly through the sky, followed by a string of smaller lights.
  • The eyewitness, identified only as Mr. Liu, said the lights were visible for around 30 seconds, and while they appear white in the video, he says they were colorful in person.
  • The Vice President of the Jiamusi Kite Association told a Chinese news outlet that the lights weren’t UFOs, but a kite; he gave no reason for his opinion.
  • We may not have long to wait to get more definitive evidence of alien life; the James Webb space telescope could find a signature of life on other planets in as little as 60 hours when it’s launched in 2026.
  • Source: LadBible
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