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Come And Get It for 11.17.20

New Waffle House Collaboration Brew Smells Like Bacon

Have you ever considered beer for breakfast? You might…as Waffle House has teamed up with Oconee Brewing Company to produce a new bacon-infused beer that delivers the aroma bacon flavor you love, with a little boozy kick.

Dubbed Bacon & Kegs, the beer is a 6.5% ABV red ale and described as having a malty character enhanced with “salty, savory, and smokey bacon extract.” And we’re not just making up the breakfast part – Oconee says that’s kind of the point. “Bacon & Kegs pairs well with breakfast food items,” the company says in a statement. “[It can also] be enjoyed as a stand-alone, soon to be iconic beer.”

Want some? The beer will be sold initially in six-packs or on draft at Oconee Brewing Company beginning December 18th. You’ll also be able to find it at the Waffle House at SunTrust Park – home of the Atlanta Braves – the only Waffle House in the country that sells beer.

Source: USA Today

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