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Come and Get It for 11.11.20

Arby’s Just Dropped A Deep Fried Turkey

Arby’s is celebrating the launch of their deep-fried turkey sandwiches with a…Deep Fried Turkey Pillow. It’s actually a real pillow designed to slip over your head and help you have “the best turkey sleep of your life.” It basically looks like a turkey. ON your head. See it HERE.

If you want to buy one, they’re $59.95 and being sold on arbysdeepfriedturkeypillow.com. The problem? They’re currently sold out. But you can still get one of your own…by logging on to arbysdeepfriedturkeypillow.comJust fill out an entry form and cross your fingers (or drumsticks, as the case may be).

And if you don’t score one, you’re not totally out – you’ll receive a coupon food for 50% off of any Turkey Sandwich or Wrap at Arby’s just for entering.

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