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Come And Get It for 04.30.21

Burger King’s New Fried Chicken Sandwich: A Review

With the Chicken Sandwich wars in full effect, it’s no surprise that spicy or fried, everyone is trying to lock down their corner of the market. And while Burger King as a little late to the game as far as we can see, there’s been a lot of interest in their hand-breaded Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

That makes sense, considering they’ve been working on it 2019 and it’s been tested since September of 2020. While it’s technically still being tested, the testing has expanded – and the folks at “Time Out” were able to get a sample. Here’s what they found:

  • There are three versions of the new sandwich – hand-breaded plain, spicy or topped with lettuce and tomato.
  • All are served on a toasted potato bun with BK’s signature sauce (kind of like mayo) and pickles.
  • The chicken itself is an improved thick-cut white meat fillet.

The “Time Out” people found the meat to be thick and juicy except around the edges where it was a little dry. The final verdict has the product as a “win” – and a worthy contender and you can bet they are gunning for Popeye’s and KFC. It’s still technically in a testing phase, but it should be showing up at your local location in the very near future (if it hasn’t already!).

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