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Come And Get It for 04.23.21

Here’s How Wendy’s Dethroned Burger King

Most people over the past year were paying attention to the Chicken sandwich wars that many fast-food chains were engaging in, but under the radar was a change in the burger war business. How so? Wendy’s just took the # 2 spot from Burger King in sales with an increase of 4.8% and a decrease of BK by 5.4%. Wendy’s total sales were $10.2-billion and Burger King’s $9.6-billion.

So what? Wendy’s has 6,000 restaurants while Burger King has over 7,300…that’s what. Of course, both chains have been nipping at McDonald’s heels for years as Wendy’s took the number 2 spot in 2012 and Burger King grabbed it back three years later. Then? Wendy’s came up with a brand new morning breakfast menu during the pandemic while Burger King has had a tougher time connecting with customers.

Not only that, Wendy’s also added Made To Crave premium items like the Jalapeno Popper Chicken and Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger and has gotten a boost from their loyalty program and also connected with gamers with Twitch streamers’ favorite mealsAnd don’t forget their amazing Twitter feed. “Our journey always starts with the food,” says Wendy’s CMO Carl Loredo. “We have a scrappy mindset when it comes to making sure folks know our food is different and better.”


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