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Come And Get It for 04.22.21

Sinus Clearing Foods To Blast The Snot Right Out Of You

If you are one of the unfortunate people to have seasonal allergies, a runny nose is the least of your issues, but come spring…you’re generally ready to lop your nose right off as it’s a serious source of misery. Now the folks at HuffPo have some ways for you to clear things up…with food!

You probably know that many spicy foods can just as easily “blow the snot” out as something you’re allergic to. We’re talking jalapenos, wasabi, horseradish and ginger…which can cause your nose to constrict, your eyes to burn and make tears roll down your face. Jalapenos and other peppers contain capsaicin which is an active ingredient in some nasal sprays and these other foods contain compounds that do the same thing to your body.

Enter Dr. Morris Nejat, an allergist and immunologist. He says some foods “innervate different parts of the body, reversing some of the effects of histamines, which can be a natural relief to some of the symptoms of allergies.” He claims that eating spicy foods are actually an alternative to pharmacy relief medications in many cases. Get some details HERE, and of course, check with your own doctor first!


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