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Come And Get It for 02.23.21

Taco Bell Drops A “Chicken Sandwich”…That’s A Taco!?

The Chicken Sandwich Wars are continuing. And it’s so intense that Taco Bell is getting in on the action…with a Cripsy Chicken Sandwich Taco. You might be asking: is it a sandwich or a taco? Well, according to Taco Bell it’s both.

Here’s why: It’s made with crispy chicken marinated in jalapeno buttermilk, seasoned with “bold Mexican spices,” and rolled in a tortilla chip coating for crunch and it’s served in a “puffy bread” folded like a taco. It’s also topped with a creamy chipotle sauce. Want more spice? They’ve got that, too – adding jalapeno slices.

Want one? It’s set to be tested at participating Taco Bell locations in Nashville and Charlotte, North Carolina starting on March 11th. If all goes well, it’s expected to hit menus nationwide later this year.


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