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Come And Get It for 01.12.21

Strangers Around The World Are Buying Free Food For Each Other

Celebrity chef Brooke Williamson is has been pretty successful since she took the “Top Chef” title at her restaurant Playa Provisions (it’s in Playa del Rey, California). Now her fame has people from around the world teaming up to help other…and using Williamson’s place to do it.

Williamson recently shared an Instagram photo of an order of garlic fries, ceviche and the Tripel Pretzel Burger. The caption? “FYI, when you order through our website @playaprovisions for pickup, the order gets sent to the kitchen exactly how you write it in your browser. To whomever just sent this, you have no idea how many people you just made smile. Thank YOU and we love you too!!!”

It inspired people to get creative as more and more orders began pouring into the restaurant with unique notes.

  • One order was captioned “Here’s the deal. We live in Texas but back when traveling was a thing…we loved you guys. So we want to buy someone breakfast today. If someone in staff is hungry let them ear or just pick someone. Love Donielle and Jaclyn.”
  • Another order of lunch tacos suggested that the meal could be give to first responders and Williamson treated the local fire department with that suggestion.
  • “There are no words…all will be paid forward,” Williamson wrote alongside a photo of a corned beef order that was placed by “friends from New Mexico.”

The timing couldn’t be better, as the pandemic has forced Williamson to close three of her four restaurants, but that hasn’t stopped the Bravo network champion from coming up with new and creative ideas with gratitude as she says the restaurant industry is “awaiting an industrywide Hail Mary.” In the meantime, people helping each other is filling her heart, her pocketbook…and some hungry bellies!

Source: People

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