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All You Can Eat for 06.10.21

McDonald’s Replacing Humans With Robots

The folks at McDonald’s have been trying out new ideas for many of their restaurant operations over the past couple of years and the latest is removing humans from taking your order at the drive-thru. Apparently, AI robots have been installed at 10 McDonald’s locations in Chicago so far.

The company recently acquired Apprente, a firm who specializes in creating AI to take voice orders. A lot of people are skeptical about repeating an order of a Big Mac and fries to a non-human repeatedly, but Mickey D’s says the robots get the orders correct 85% of the time. Unfortunately, that leaves 15% of customers not so thrilled.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski doesn’t see this trend spreading to all locations and says “there’s a big leap to going to 10 restaurants in Chicago to 14,000 restaurants across the U.S.”, so don’t count on talking to a robot at your local store just yet. This seems to be a work in progress.


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