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All You Can Eat for 06.02.21

Frank’s RedHot Drops A Cicada Cookbook

Frank’s RedHot has come to the rescue for all of the people affected by the 2021 Brood X cicada invasion with – what else? A cookbook. Yup – and it includes 13 recipes using cicadas as an ingredient. It’s a digital cookbook and will be available next week with some of these recipes:

  • Air-Fried Buffalo Cicada “Wings”
  • Buffalo Bug Dip
  • Mini Cicada Corn Dogs
  • Spicy Cicada Mary

Frank’s parent company is McCormick, based in Maryland which is a hotspot for the cicada invasion. To review, some people are turning to insect protein because of its lower carbon footprint, cicadas as well as crickets and grasshoppers have been rising in popularity.

In fact, the edible insects market is expected to reach $4.63-billion by 2027. In this case, the new cookbook is a playful way to deal with a buggy invasion AND capitalize on an emerging market.

  • The cicadas have an interesting life cycle, spending 17 YEARS underground then as spring temperatures rise, they tunnel above ground, molt, mate and die. When the eggs hatch, the cicada nymphs burrow themselves underground and start a new 17-year cycle all over again.

SourceFood Dive

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