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All You Can Eat for 05.27.21

Burger King Is Opening A Meat-Free Restaurant

Burger King Germany has made a big announcement with the chain’s first-ever all-plant-based restaurant in Cologne. Now, it’s a limited-time situation…but from June 7th through June 11th, all of BK’s plant-based menu options – such as the Impossible Whopper – will be available as well as a new sandwich, the Long Chicken Patty.

How’d they get there? Burger King collaborated with The Vegetarian Butcher to come up with the meatless menu. That’s the company responsible for developing vegan chicken nuggets as well as plant-based Rebel Whoppers that are sold throughout Europe and the UK, Burger King’s Whopper Vegetal in Mexico and a plant-based Whopper in China.

Burger King UK CEO Alasdair Murdoch says the chain is working towards a 50 percent plant-based menu by 2031 (they also rolled out the Vegan Royale recently). It’s a Vegan Society-certified version of the Chicken Royale sandwich and just happens to be the same sandwich introduced in Germany as “The Long Chicken Patty” so for BK plant-based is here to stay.

Source: Food & Wine

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