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All You Can Eat for 05.26.21

Arby’s Quietly Drops Potato Cakes?

Arby’s fans have taken to Reddit – losing their minds over the chain appearing to discontinue Potato Cakes. Similarly, it appears they’re being replaced with Crinkle Fries.

Apparently, Potato Cakes connoisseurs began noticing a shift in March…but now, it’s official. “Although our Potato Cakes have been discontinued (for now),” the company tells TheTakeout.com. “Who’s to say they’re gone forever?”

Want some? Speak out – the cakes are still officially on menus around the country…and if you want them, ASK for them! Of course, you can always start an online campaign. It worked for Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets!

SourceThe Takeout

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