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Martha Stewart Just Launched A Line Of Frozen Foods And This Is Her Favorite

Martha Stewart is at it again with the introduction of a new line of frozen foods from her Martha Stewart Kitchen. There are over 40 items that range from frozen appetizers, entrees, desserts and side dishes and Stewart herself helped test all of them.

There is one item that is very special to her and is her favorite – Martha’s mother’s mashed potatoes with cream cheese. Martha said at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen “It’s my mother’s recipe. Cream cheese is the secret. It’s very rich. You could incorporate sour cream, but cream cheese is a little sweeter and makes it so unctuous. I can’t resist them.” The frozen foods will show up in November at 17 major retailers, including Publix, ShopRite, Kroger and Walmart.

Martha also has a new cookbook coming out, “Fruit Desserts,” and pie is one of the main features. Her advice to home bakers is to use really good butter, especially with the piecrusts. Her advice is to “always use an unsalted butter of high quality. Irish butter is very good.”

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