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Plant-Based Orange Chicken Is Coming To Panda Express Via Beyond Meat

The market for plant-based American Chinese dishes is quickly growing and Panda Express is teaming up with Beyond Meat to offer a new meat-free version of their famous Orange Chicken. Beyond Meat has already rolled out their own plant-based tenders and has meat-free projects with other chains and has decided that Panda Express is the perfect partner for this new venture.

Panda says that their sides like Chow Mein, White Rice, Brown Rice or Veggies are good plant-based or alternative protein options and they also offer an Eggplant Tofu entrée as well. Panda Express plant-based Orange Chicken will only be available at select locations in Southern California and New York for a limited time beginning July 26, but hopefully it will show up on nationwide menus as a permanent offering for flexitarian and plant-based customers.


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