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5 Things You Needed To Know Today


1) Hurricane Sally made landfall in Alabama as a Category 2 storm early this morning. The slow moving storm crossed over land at 5:45am Eastern Time near the Alabama-Florida state line with winds of 105 mph. The biggest threat is flash flooding and more than 320,000 are without power. Yesterday, for only the second time in history there were five tropical cyclones in the Atlantic at the same time.

2) One of the world’s most complete T-Rex skeletons is expected to go for $6 to $8 million at auction. STAN the T-Rex, named after the paleontologist who discovered his bones, will be sold at Christie’s in New York on October 6th. The skeleton stands 13 feet high and 40 feet long. STAN walked the earth some 67 million years ago. And now he’ll get to reside in some rich guy’s foyer.

3) According to a new poll America’s image around the world has dropped to a new low.

4) Killer Whales are ramming boats in ‘orchestrated’ attacks and scientists aren’t sure why. Between July and August there were several attacks by killer whales on ships in and around the Straight of Gibraltar. In one incident a pod of nine orcas rammed a 46-foot-long boat for a full hour spinning the boat 180 degrees and disabling the engine. Orcas are typically welcoming to boats so scientists are baffled as to why the attacks are happening. I’m no expert but maybe they’re mad about the whole ‘us capturing them and forcing them to do tricks for us’ thing.

5) Indonesia isn’t messing around with anti-maskers. According to a report local authorities in Indonesia ordered eight people who broke the country’s face mask laws to dig graves for Covid-19 victims. So, a little stricter than here in the US where we just make them famous on YouTube.



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