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5 Things You Need To Know For Today


5 Things You Need to Know 

1) If you missed the Emmy’s last night here’s what you missed: Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek swept the Comedy categories, HBO’s Succession won best Drama, 24-year old Zendaya became the youngest to win best actress for her role in Euphoria, and Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington threw a New Year’s Eve party to officially end 2020 early. .

2) An Atlanta Falcons fan wrote a resignation letter announcing he’s officially done being a Falcons fan and addressed it to the Atlanta FalCANTS. Yet again the Falcons had a historic collapse, blowing a 29-10 lead over the Cowboys in the fourth quarter yesterday. It’s the first time in NFL history a team has scored 39 points, had zero turnovers and lost. Statistically the Falcons had a 99.9% win probability before things imploded.

3) As Covid deaths pass 200,000 the CDC says there is growing evidence it can spread through viral particles lingering in the air and traveling distances beyond six feet. Previously the CDC page said the virus was thought to spread mainly between people within six feet of each other through coughing or sneezing. The new guidelines state that coronavirus can commonly spread, “through respiratory droplets such as those in aerosols” which are produced even when a person breathes.

4) TikTok won’t be banned in the US as Trump approves of the proposed deal. The President has given his “blessing” to a deal between Oracle and Walmart for the US operations of TikTok. Once approved the deal will create TikTok Global, a new company that will be headquartered in the US and add roughly 25,000 jobs.

5) Late Sunday afternoon is when most of us begin feeling work week anxiety. According to a new survey on average Americans regularly feel anxious about what will happen Monday just before 4pm on Sunday.

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