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5 Things To Know For Wednesday


1) The LA Dodgers won the world series last night, just over two weeks after the Lakers won the NBA Championship. The Dodgers went ahead on a fielder’s choice hit by shortstop Corey Seager that drove in Mookie Betts. Seager would go on to win the MVP. The 3-1 win over the Tampa Bay Rays gave LA their seventh World Series win, but their first since 1988.

2) Keith Raniere, the founder of Nxivm, has been sentenced to 120 years in prison. A federal court handed down the sentence yesterday after more than a dozen people gave victim impact statements. Raniere, who was featured in the HBO Documentary the Vow, was convicted of racketeering, sex trafficking and several other charges after turning some of his female followers into sex slaves and branding them.

3) Krispy Kreme is offering free doughnuts on Election Day. The doughnut chain announced their plan to give visitors the iconic ‘I Voted’ sticker as well as a free doughnut in honor of election day on November 3rd. There is no proof of voting required to participate, Krispy Kreme just wanted to do something nice for people ‘out and about’ on the big day.

4) Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are engaged. The couple took to Instagram yesterday and shared a picture of Stefani sporting a new ring. The two met on the set of the voice in 2015 and their friendship soon turned into a relationship.

5) According to a recent survey Dallas Cowboys fans whine more than any other fans. Patriots and Bills fans round out the top three. The survey of over 5,100 NFL fans found that Cowboy’s fans complain the most.


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