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5 Things To Know for Friday


1) The Mandalorian Season 2 premier hits Disney Plus today. The show that gave us Baby Yoda will release new episodes every Friday through December 18th starting today. If you need a recap of season one the official Star Wars YouTube page made a 90 second recap video click this link to see it.

2) Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence has tested positive for Covid-19. The favorite to win the Heisman and go number one overall in the draft will not play in tomorrow’s game against Boston College after the diagnosis. In a statement Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney said Lawrence is ‘Doing well with mild symptoms,’ adding its ‘an opportunity for other guys to step up.’

3) Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost are married. The star actress and SNL cast member tied the knot in a secret wedding over the weekend and made the announcement yesterday for a good cause. The celebrity couple officially announced their nuptials on the Meals on Wheels America Instagram account.

4) Astronomers have spotted an earth-sized rogue planet free floating through our galaxy. Its not alone, scientists believe there are numerous rogue planets in our galaxy not bound by a star, but they’re usually large enough to make their own gravity. This recent discovery of a smaller rogue planet was published yesterday in the Astrophysical Journal Letters..

5) Halloween is tomorrow and across the country people are coming up with creative ways to still trick or treat, or other safe alternatives to trick or treating. According to a national survey that asked what age kids should stop trick or treating, most people think 18.7 is too old.

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