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5 Headlines and Comment


5 HEADLINES AND COMMENT(for entertainment purposes only)

1-Last night’s Emmy Awards were virtual.  As in, virtually nobody cared.  And even fewer people watched.

2-Despite the pandemic, Halloween candy sales are actually up this year.  But let’s be honest, people:  We’re not buying it for the kids, are we?

3-Jim Caviezel says a sequel to “The Passion of the Christ” is in the works In this one, Jesus returns to Earth in 2020, throws his hands up, and leaves.

4-“The Batman” has resumed production.  Robert Pattinson isn’t completely recovered from COVID-19 . . . but him at 50% is better than Ben Affleck at 100%.

5-The author of “Forrest Gump” died at 77.  His final words:  “Life is like a box of ashes.”

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