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5 Headlines And Comment


5 HEADLINES AND COMMENT(for entertainment purposes only)

1-A man in the U.K. was spotted with a snake wrapped around his nose and mouth.  And you thought YOUR mask was constricting!

2-Pepsi is releasing a new drink that’ll help you sleep.  It’s called “bourbon.”

3-The U.S. deficit is now at $3 trillion.  Fortunately, the government put it all on a credit card, so free airline miles for all!

4-The 89-year-old founder of Duty Free Shoppers has given almost his entire $8 billion fortune to charity.  Reached for comment, Charity said she just put in her two-week notice at the strip club.

5-Red Lobster will soon launch the “DewGarita,” a margarita made with Mountain Dew . . . “I can’t wait to not try it,” replied anyone who has ever tasted Mountain Dew.

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