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5 Headlines and Comment


5 HEADLINES AND COMMENT(for entertainment purposes only)

1-Dwayne Johnson tore down his gate after a power outage left him stuck at home.  Of course, there’s one thing The Rock still can’t beat:  paper

2-Charlize Theron hasn’t been on a date in five years.  I didn’t even know she was married!

3-Health experts are warning of a “twindemic” this fall.  Which I think means Mary-Kate and Ashley are going to start making movies again

4-An Ohio man created a chute that delivers candy to trick-or-treaters from a safe distance.  Thanks, but I still prefer my way:  slingshot.

5-Blue Bell ice cream was fined $17 million for a listeria outbreak.  The company says it will recover, but it will be a rocky road.

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