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3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Week Of 02.26.24

Monday 02.26.24

1-The sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel is 666.

2-A cup of Starbucks exists in every scene of Fight Club.

3-More Americans believe in the devil than believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Tuesday 02.27.24
1-A survey says it takes about 25 years for a person to appreciate their siblings.
2-When it comes to our favorite desserts, cake is #1 at 32%. Ice Cream is #2 at 21%. Cupcakes are #3 at 12%, cookies are #4 at 10% and pie is #5 at 9%.
3-A survey says that parents spend just under $800 a year on their kids’ allowance.

Wednesday 02.28.24

1-In the past year, about 10% of us have taken a work call while in the bathroom while on the clock.

2-According to a holiday survey, 85% of parents say it’s not really Christmas until they buy batteries.

3-Seven percent of drivers say they don’t use a turn signal because it “adds excitement.”

Thursday 02.29.24

1-In a Yahoo survey, 26% of people say their significant other regularly laughs in their sleep.

2-The doctors themselves are often the most late for a doctor’s appointment.

3-A recent study says that binge watching together brings couples closer.

Friday 03.01.24

1-Belgium has the highest number of castles and comic book artists per square kilometer in the world.

2-The Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Barbie dolls is 18,500.

3-A spa in Japan allows you to swim in various liquids, including coffee and wine.

















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