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3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Week Of 05.16.22


45% of men tried on women’s clothing when home alone.

A home without broadband or high-speed Internet access could lose up to 20% of its re-sale value.

Beer is the third most consumed beverage on the planet.



Limousines got their name because they were first built in the Limousin region of France.

Of the millions of cardinals in the U.S. an estimated 10 to 15 are yellow. Not 10 to 15 thousand — 10 to 15.

The first state to require license plates for automobiles was New York in 1901. At the time, car owners had to display their initials, and all owners had to make their own plates.



The common cold comes from camels. Scientists studying a deadly disease transmitted from camels also found camels contain the pathogens from which the common cold was born. Camels are able to transmit diseases to humans and this is where they believe the common cold originated.

Lobsters used to be so cheap that they were frequently used to feed prisoners.

Cheese is the most shoplifted food in the world.



Buy indoor plants. New research suggests that indoor plants are a win for air quality. Three houseplants – peace lily, corn plant, and fern arum reduce inside pollutants by 50 percent.

What’s the biggest pet hazard at your house? It’s you – pulling out of the driveway. According to veterinarians, pets often run over to their owner’s car as they pull in or out of the drive. They recommend putting up a fence or keeping your pet indoors.

The number-one guilty pleasure for women is eating junk food. That’s followed by shopping, watching television, gossiping, and having an affair.

















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